Hmmm… The Seeker… Can be watched… Once maybe. Twice? I don’t know…I saw this movie wayyyyyyyyyyy back and once again today in Movies Now (which, by the way is an awesome channel! 🙂 )

There was an overdose of dramatic music in scenes that don’t give any kind of dramatic effect in any way. The Seeker kid was cute though. So was his girlfriend -kind- of who turns out to be an evil minion which WE could tell right from the very beginning *sigh*. The plot does not knock you off your feet and the music is sinister, dramatic but soooooooo off (you can probably tell that it bugged me enough to mention it for the second time here.)

Okay, I feel weird writing negative stuff (call it criticism or whatever) I’m sure they must have put their best effort in making the movie (their best wasn’t enough for us I guess 😦 ). So I’ll stop rambling now… (There, I feel much better ^_^)

Over and out.

click to watch trailer


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