Toki o kakeru shôjo

It starts off with a slow and steady pace. But be patient, I assure you of the reward. Having the advantage of travelling through time takes a turn for worse as our little heroine see the implications of tampering with time. Seriously, they should make the title more obscure and not give away the whole plot in a single line.

The gentle yet budding romance does not make me happy. It made me feel “why the heck is she so stupid?” -_-** it does not become a heart racing story to watch until the latter half when the misfortunes and mistakes start to take effect. So wait till half the movie is over. Your patience, again I say, will bear fruit.

The ending, according to me, was very vague and its best if you don’t expect any lived-happily-ever-after moments.

Bottom line: I am Vision of Escaflowne reincarnate when it comes to endings! >.<


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