After nearly two months of patiently playing “Darksiders” while being busy with my final year project, tests, etc, I finally completed it and so here I am today bringing you its review! 😀

Yeah you guessed it right! This huge, deadly looking, cool guy above is who you will be playing as in this refreshing game!! 😀 His name’s WAR and is one of the four horsemen of “Apocalypse”, the others being Death, Conquest and Famine. Although the others never make an appearance in the game, **except as three raging meteors in the end** seems they have already been designed by the crew!

Being an action-adventure game, it reminded me a lot about a lot of other games I’ve played over the years. For instance, there were times when I’ve had to place ticking mini bombs at appropriate places to blast open ways to a lever or something and holding them for too long will make them go KA-BOOM in my hands! This reminded me a lot about the Zelda games I’ve played in my Nintendo.  And there were also times when all the exits were blocked and remained blocked till I defeated all the enemies in the room which reminded me of the Devil May Cry games.

The game has a pretty good storyline **although I couldn’t understand certain points and twists in the plot…then again I guess it’s just me**. The combat system is fluid and easy to pick up! It has a LOT of combos and a number of cool and awesome looking weapons at your disposal. Trust me, cutting and slashing through the enemies with them will never be the same ^_^. The boss fights are really innovative and will require a bit of thinking and paying attention to their movement patterns before figuring out their weak points and finally defeating them. Besides combat, the game will also have a number of challenging and interesting puzzles to solve.


The fights get even more dynamic and fantabulous when you take control of your steed, RUIN! Slashing enemies while riding on him will make you feel like a death God driven by vengeance **which is what you should be feeling I guess, given the storyline** and the boss fights involving RUIN truly deserve a special mention because those were some of the FASTEST PACED and the COOLEST looking battles I’ve ever fought!!!

Oh and here’s a picture of the four horsemen of apocalypse

Guess the one on top is “Famine” and we have “WAR” on left which leaves “Conquest” and “Death” to the right and bottom respectively. Also sources reveal that “Famine” has been renamed to “Fury” for some reason.

If you haven’t played this game yet, do yourself a favor and start playing IMMEDIATELY ^_^. It seems Darksiders 2 has been confirmed and we’ll be playing as some other horseman in it **I sincerely hope its “Death”:D**


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