Pepper Sweet Corn

They sold these steamed sweet corn in my college canteen and I’ve loved them ever since! Here’s how to make them.



WARNING:  Do not add salt to the water while cooking the corn as that will toughen the corn and it wont taste good.

Take required amount of water in a pan and start heating it on the stove. Clean the corn kernels like you clean all other vegetables. Put the kernels in the pan water on the stove. Let it boil for sometime. After 5 minutes take a kernel or two from the pan and munch on it. If its soft, then its ready to be taken off the stove.

Be careful while draining the hot water from the pan. I use this metal sieve to drain it. If you don’t have one then you can use a sieved ladle to take the corn out from the water or any other safe methods of your choice. Put the cooked corn in a cup and mix required amount of pepper and salt with it.  Pepper Sweet  Corn is ready to be served!

Pepper Sweet Corn

Pepper Sweet Corn



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