Nook Simple Touch

Simple Sophistication. That’s how I would describe this lovely baby Von gifted me on my birthday  ^_^

I’m still in the process of discovering all its features so this post will be updated frequently. I’ll keep the review short and crisp 🙂


Once you unpack the nook, you have to put it on charge for 3 hours after which it is ready to launch .

Power on:

At the back of the nook there is a button the size of your thumb. That is the Power ON/OFF, Sleep button.  Hold it down for a couple of seconds and your nook powers up.


Drag the arrows at the bottom to unlock.


The first thing to do after powering up your nook is to register it at Barnes & Noble through a Wi – Fi connection. I used the one at Von’s place. You just have to provide your name, email etc and register it. Select the appropriate time zone and after successfully registering, your nook is ready to use 🙂

NOTE: Turn off the Wi-fi in the nook after registering. It saves a lot on your battery. Turn on the Wi-fi when you are going to access Barnes & Noble site to purchase books etc.

Memory card (SD card):

You got to insert a memory card in the slot provided on the right side of the nook. Instructions for inserting the card are provided in the Quick start guide. As per the B&N website up to 32 GB cards are supported. I have put a 2GB card.


Its light weight and compact, easy to carry around.


Shell out a few dollars and get one of the awesome covers for nook and you can safely snuggle it up in your bag and not worry about any damage 🙂

Quick start guide:

A hard copy of how to handle your nook comes along with the package and it gives out precise guidelines.


Buy an adaptor along with the nook to charge it directly from the wall socket. Otherwise you will have to make do with the USB cable provided to charge the nook through your PC or Laptop.

Formats/File Types:

Barnes & Noble website says nook can support the following:

  • ePub5, PDF
  • Graphic: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP

From my experience it does support ePub and PDF formats. I’m yet to test out the other file types.

I’m in book HEAVEN!!! ^_^


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