Cardcaptor Sakura Animax AMV

I LOOOOVE this one!!! The music is so awesome!! I finally found it in youtube after hunting for a long time!! Thanks, Code99k!



Yes! after a long long really long time, I’m done with an AMV. I took a few clips here and there from other amv’s coz I don’t have FY with me. Anyway, here it is (sorry for the bad quality 😦 )

From Hazel eyes


I’m finally done with my second AMV featuring Natsume and Mikan 🙂 The first half of it went just fine but I lost my patience during the making of the second half. I threw in a bunch of unrelated scenes and ended it 😦
Nevertheless, I put in so much of time and work and lots and lots of love in it! ^_^

Dedicated to my one and only crush 🙂

From Gakuen

Do comment and let me know how it was 🙂

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