End of Month Review



The Hobbit: Do you like The Lord of The Ring? Yes? Then The Hobbit will NOT let you down 🙂 Everything, the landscape, the myriad people and things, is so vividly described in this book that I dearly hope the movie is as good…  And yes, the plot,  so Tolkien!



Chicken Soup for the soul at work: It brought tears to my eyes… My heart warms knowing that there are so many wonderful people in this world 🙂



Until You:  It started off like the other Judith Mcnaught stories I read and I was wondering whether to continue or not… Then came the twists and turns and before I knew it, I was at the last page of the book 🙂



The Hound of the Baskervilles: AMAZING!!! I read this after watching Game of Shadows and it worked magic on my imagination. Will they make a movie out of this? I hope so 🙂





Titanic in 3D: I badly wanted to watch this epic movie on big screen and I’m so glad my wish came true! The BGMs rocked! And the grand splendor of the movie was breath taking ^_^



Men In Black 3: Loved the young K ^_^ lovely twist near the end. J of course was hilarious and amazing!!



Ip Man : It moved me so very much.. I don’t normally like bloodshed or violence but this movie is a must watch!



The Dark Knight Rises: Predictable in the beginning but amazing twists at the end! Loved Cat woman – Batman combo  ^_^ People say that the movie’s background is awesome but I was busy looking at the subtitles 😦


The Lion King:  Very beautiful 🙂


End of month review : Books



The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Loved it!!  ^_^ the story was short, sweet, funny, eerie and yet put my senses at ease 🙂


A Kingdom of Dreams: Royce WESTMORELAND. (If these two words didn’t kindle a swarm of  warm memories, you probably have not read Whitney, My Love. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and get down to reading it! 🙂 )


Heart Of Darkness : It was way too heavy a read.. My mind reels from just thinking about it x_x


The Great Gatsby: The vivid descriptions were quite surreal but it was just not my taste..


End of month review : Books


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Unbelievable! Every line had me hooked with suspense. Humor amidst all the ongoing thrill made me love this book even more!  A definite read in one’s lifetime 🙂

Double Exposure: Mcnaught takes a simple concept and weaves a fairytale out of it. Makes a sweet read after a tired long day 🙂


Oliver Twist: Painful. I didn’t like it.

Miracles:  Cliché . But I loved the ending 🙂

End of month review: Books, December 2011


Whitney, My Love : Beautifully written 🙂 Whitney is an amazing character!

Vampire Academy series: You’ll LOVE Rose and Dimitri! ^_^

Jane Eyre: Classic! 🙂


House of Night : Kinda lost interest in the beginning itself 😦

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